Newsletter: Autumn/Winter 2016


Autumn… the Year’s Last, Loveliest Smile

Only 13 weeks to Christmas and lots to pack in, thank you to everyone for your continued support to nursery throughout the year.

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We were rated GOOD again back in May and the report is on our website for you all to have a look at. The inspector was very complimentary and we had several outstanding comments from her. Again thank you to our parents who gave us glowing feedback and for all your support, it means a lot.

Staff Developments

Abi has finished her time with us as she was here on temporary summer cover for holidays. Charlotte will be taking maternity leave in December and hopefully returning after the Summer next year. I will be recruiting over the next couple of months to cover this and also for an extra member of staff to accommodate our ever increasing waiting list.

Beth, Jodie B and Jodie R all received their BA in Early Years this summer and Jess and Hannah are continuing to work towards theirs.

From October we will have a student from Pontefract New College doing a placement with us every other week while studying for her BTec qualification in childcare; she will not be included in any ratios and will always work under supervision.

Bad Weather Arrangements

As always I will make every effort to maintain a normal nursery day throughout any inclement weather, however can you please ensure all contact details are up to date and check with nursery if the weather changes dramatically.

Harvest Collection

Thank you for all donations, the Salvation Army will be allocating to the local food banks and are always extremely grateful for our help.

Nursery Photographs Tues/Wed 25/26th Oct

All children in attendance will be photographed throughout the 2 days, if your children are not in nursery please give Marie a call to arrange an appointment if you would like to take advantage of the offer.

Nativity Performance (Pre-School only) 14.12.16 10.00 am

All children in pre-school will take part in the performance and parents will be able to attend, unfortunately due to limited space we can only allow 2 tickets per family. There will also be a party for all pre-school children on Friday 16.12.16 from 2.30-4.00 pm.

Parents’ Evening Thursday 01.12.16, 7-9 pm

This is an informal evening with no appointments necessary and is a great opportunity to meet all the staff and chat about your children. Karen’s mince pies and mulled wine make it an event not to be missed!

Christmas Closure

Nursery will close on Friday 23.12.16 at 6.00 pm and will re-open on Tuesday 03.01.17 at 07.30 am. Fees reflect the closure as we only charge for 51 weeks of the year.

  • After 6 pm: I totally understand that on the odd occasion parents may be a little late, due to weather/ traffic etc. however please be mindful that we do not offer a service after 6 and staff have often had a full day. If you are running late please inform nursery as 2 staff do need to stay after hours.
  • Clothing: Please could we have named wellies and coats for the winter months.
  • Potty Training: Please could we have plenty of spare clothes when your children first start to use the potty or toilet. We do have a limited supply but children do prefer their own clothes.
Dates for the Diary

25.10.16 Photographer in nursery
26.10.16 Photographer in nursery
01.12.16 Parents’ Evening, 7-9 pm
14.12.16 Nativity Performance (pre-school only) 10.00 am
16.12.16 Christmas Party (pre-school only) 2.30-4.00 pm
23.12.16 Nursery closes at 6.00 pm
03.01.17 Nursery opens at 07.30 am