Our Journey

I took over as owner of College Grove Nursery in June 2006. My background is both medical and educational. I initially qualified as a radiographer in 1985 and worked in the profession until 1998, following the birth of my first two children.

At this point I undertook a PGCE and qualified as a teacher in 2001, working in a local primary school in their nursery unit for a couple of years.

My first dealings with College Grove Nursery were as a parent with my third child Lily. I feel fortunate to come into my present role with the added advantage of first hand experiences of the caring, professional attitude of all the staff.

I gained Early Years Professional Status in 2007, being one of the first practitioners in the Wakefield area to gain the qualification. Since then I have committed myself to providing a stimulating, innovative and creative learning environment for all children.

I have managed the nursery since 2009 and am fortunate to have had the support of 2 senior staff members. Both have a wealth of experiences and qualifications and have grown with the nursery. Becki Driver has worked for the nursery since 2003 and now oversees the baby unit. She is qualified to level 4 and is the Special Educational Needs coordinator for the setting. Amy Bradley (Nursery Deputy) has been with us since 2007 and has completed a degree in Early Years management.


"We have grown and developed the nursery to its present standards and I intend to continue to offer a high quality learning environment which encourages children to fulfil their best potential."


Our aims:

  • To achieve the highest possible standards of care for your child
  • To offer a safe, secure and stimulating environment
  • To provide, in partnership with parents, individual opportunity for each child’s development
  • To provide healthy, nutritious food, including special dietary requirements

Our committment:

  • We are committed to providing experienced, dedicated and caring staff, all of whom hold a level 3 qualification or above.
  • We provide a secure foundation through learning and development opportunities which are planned around the needs and interests of each individual child.
  • To provide a good working partnership between practitioners and parents; thorough communication via a ‘key worker’ ensures that we maintain understanding and involvement with the nursery and its operation.
  • We are committed to providing equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practise, ensuring that all children are valued, included and supported.

Our Environment

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