Baby (4 to 24 months)

A safe, stimulating and calm environment where children can learn through play.

College Grove Nursery provides a separate self contained baby unit for babies from the age of 4 to 24 months. The unit is made up of consistent staff, most of whom are qualified to BTEC/NNEB standard and who all have previous experiences working with babies.

It is our aim to provide a safe, stimulating and calm environment where children can learn through play. You and your child’s feelings of security in our environment are of paramount importance.

The main room is a quiet, calming area where the youngest babies have an assortment of toys, rattles and equipment to stimulate their sensory skills and co-ordination. They also have access to a fully equipped craft and wet play area for creative and messy activities. These activities are planned into the babies’ routine on a regular basis. Our staff will be happy to tell you about the activities and your child’s experiences at nursery at any time.

The adjacent room is where children who are more mobile can play, climb and discover their surroundings with other children.  This conservatory area leads directly onto an outdoor play area for their sole use. It has an all weather surface and a range of resources to prove an enabling environment for all children.

>Key Worker
The key worker will take responsibility for ensuring all the needs of the children are met individually and they will communicate with parents daily. During your child’s time in the baby unit, a personal profile will be started, to record their stages of development and to collate evidence of your child’s milestones. This is also used to plan activities and ensure all the areas of learning identified in the EYFS are being met. This is available for you to see at any time and can be discussed with any member of the baby unit team.

Good communication between staff and parents is a vital aspect of nursery care. You will be informed of your child’s key worker at the time of the information session and you can contact that person at any time during their working day. A daily diary is completed and shared with you at the end of each day and can be used by to add any additional information that you feel needs to be passed on.

>Sleeping & Feeding
We recognise each child as an individual and will discuss their regular feeding and sleeping routines with you at an initial visit. Please help us to provide the best possible care by keeping us up to date with any changes in your child’s routine. It is our aim to continue with any routines you may have established at home and make transition to nursery as smooth as possible.

We offer a series of visits to make the ‘settling in’ period as smooth as we can. During your first visit, we will share information with you and give you the opportunity to discuss your child’s specific routine and any special requirements. We will then arrange a couple of sessions where you can leave your child to become familiar with their new environment and careers.

Items each parent needs to provide:

  • Named bag
  • Change of clothes – all named
  • Any comforters – dummy, blanket etc
  • Named bottles containing formula or breast milk
  • Suncream and a hat during summer months
  • Wellies and coats for winter

Transition into the toddler unit usually takes place at around 20 to 24 months, the key worker will discuss this fully with parents prior to any decisions being made. A series of visits will be made with their key worker and when baby is settled within the environment they will gradually withdraw. All progress will be communicated to parents on a daily basis.

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